Making Parenthood More Pleasing

Anamika Sahu, Managing EditorGrand View Research, Inc. in its last year’s report mentioned that the global baby product market will reach $121 billion by 2025. The major factor contributing to this growth will be the rising spending capability in matured economies of North America and Europe, increasing birth rate in emerging economies of Asia Pacific including India and China, and rising awareness among the customers about infant nutrition, hygiene and safety in the region. On the other hand, the research also mentions that the baby product market will witness a considerable growth at a CAGR of
6.9 percent from 2016 to 2025 owing to increased female working population resulting in higher demand for ready-to-use items.

Online or e-Commerce portals offering exclusive baby products or as a part of their offering have also enabled better reachability of these products, with benefits akin to free shipping, home delivery, on-time delivery, and easy exchange and return. Innovation holds a key success factor in the baby care products market, and the rising demand of organic products is also estimated to boost the demand for innovative products in the near future. Not just the giant MNCs but several parents who have experienced pain in their parenthood journey have ventured into the industry to provide bespoke but innovative products to help other parents enjoy their parenthood without any difficulty.

While working on our current issue of ‘20 Most Promising Baby Health & Safety Product Companies - 2018’, we came across a range of innovative products developed by such parents who have the ability to transform the current baby product market and create a niche for itself. Many of the featured companies comply with national and international standards and have collaborated with global companies to offer the most advanced, technically sound but aesthetically designed products.
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